Tattoo Studio Azot Art

Tattoo Studio Azot Art is located right in the center of Lunapark Sunny beach just next to Arcade Redemption Center. We offer you a wide range of services such as colored tattoos, black and white tattoos and portrayed; permanent makeup and piercing.

If your old tattoo needs correction, we can renew it or create something completely different. Our tattoo artists are the best in town and can create the tattoo you have always wanted! We can also cover unwanted scars old marks and turn them into a piece of art!

Tattoo Studio Azot Art offers you the following service:

  • All kind of tattoos (colored tattoos, black and white tattoos and portrayed)
  • Piercing (all kind)
  • Permanent make up (lips, eyebrows, eyeliner, micro blocking)
  • Cover up of your old tattoos
  • Cover up on any scars with tattoos
  • Renewal of old tattoos


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