Loop Max Adrenaline

Take a seat! Fasten your seat belt! Get ready for а THRILLING experience! Pump up your adrenaline by going through our big drop, sharp corners, accelerating sections and OF COURSE the LOOP MAX ADRENALINE. Тhe only way to experience this unforgettable ride is to face your fears and let yourself go on our roller coaster ride.


Dear visitors of Luna Park Sunny Beach to make your experience safe and enjoyable please follow these instructions:

  1. Children under 1,2m are not allowed at the machine.
  2. Pregnant women and people with heart problems may not use the attraction.
  3. Visitors who appear to be under the influence of alcohol are not allowed.
  4. Hot (cold) drinks, food and sharp-edged tools cannot be brought.
  5. Please keep your hands on to the securing device (do not stretch out).
  6. The park staff is not responsible for lost or damaged items that are not protected from falling during the ride.
  7. We do not accept responsibility for accidents resulting from failure to observe the safety rules.


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