Break Dance

Are you looking for a party ride, well you can find it in Luna Park Sunny Beach. The Break Dance is a rotating ride moving both ways giving you nice spinning time in the rhythm of the music. Experience chaos with our light effects and loose sense of direction. The mighty Break Dance is suitable for all age groups and will leave you wanting more of it for sure.


Dear visitors of Luna Park Sunny Beach to make your experience safe and enjoyable please follow these instructions:

  1. Children under 1m should be accompanied by paying adult.
  2. Do not stand up while the ride is running.
  3. Do not stretch out your hands while the ride is running.
  4. No cameras are allowed.
  5. No food and beverage is allowed on this ride.
  6. Please take out any sharp objects you may have .
  7. Take off any objects that may fly out such as glasses, hats etc.
  8. The staff is not responsible for any lost or damage objects during the ride.
  9. We do not accept responsibility for accidents resulting from failure to observe the safety rules.

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